Snow the magician 

In winter, the soft white flakes turn the Engadin into an enchanting world of fairy-tale beauty. Here, families enjoy countless delightful holiday experiences: playing in the snow together, walks through sparkling nature, discovering cultural treasures, exploring museums, relaxing on sunny restaurant terraces... Come along and join in!

Our cross-country-skating highlights

The wide expanses of the Engadin valley...

…and the snow-covered mountainsides offer ideal conditions for cross-country skiers of all tastes. Energetic enthusiasts can tackle the 42 kilometres of Switzerland’s most famous marathon route, or train on St. Moritz’s race track until late in the evening. Skiers seeking a more leisurely experience will enjoy gliding across the frozen lakes, for example, or along the spacious and scenic plateau around Zuoz.

Paradise for skiers of all tastes

88 unforgettable pistes are waiting for you

If the thought “It’s all going downhill” makes you feel exhilarated and gets you dreaming of scenic pistes and thrilling runs, the Engadin will surely soon be your second home! We have 9 snow-sure ski areas – yes, nine! – with 88 pistes totalling 350 unforgettable kilometres waiting for you, promising days of boundless ski and snowboard fun!

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