What is the Audio Guide?

The Audio Guide is an immersive mode that lets you learn about the surrounding environment via audio. Simply turn on the Audio Guide and as you reach points of interest with audio, they will play automatically. You can choose to listen to them individually from the map or the list view.

More than just a map layer

The Audio Guide is a mode within the app. You can still navigate, track, switch map views, and use other features of the app while the Audio Guide is enabled. Points of interest on the map that contain audio will be indicated by a "play icon".

You're in control

The Audio Guide will automatically play the best content near you, however you can override this behavior and choose POIs individually as well by either tapping on the icon on the map or switching to the list view.

Where can I find the Audio Guide?

The Audio Guide can be found in the Map View of the app, by tapping on the green 3 dot menu on the lower right of the screen. When the Audio Guide is on, a green indicator will be visible next to the Audio Guide icon.

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