Mountainbiking tips

There are many paths that lead to mountain biking happiness. And choosing the best can be a tricky task since all tours in the Engadin are among the most beautiful in all of Switzerland.


The trailmap gives you an overview of all trails divided into the categories of "easy" (blue), "medium" (red), and "difficult" (black). From easy flow trails to technically challenging single trails. If you pull up a specific trail, you can see with which tour you can best connect this trail.

Mountainbiking map

Mountain biking in the Engadin is top-notch: Over 400 kilometers of riding pleasure on perfectly sign-posted routes. Bike transport up to the 3057-meter-high Piz Nair. Trail fun as far as Italy with easy return travel by train. Discovery tours through forests and valleys and to mountain lakes and glaciers. You will find the "flow" almost everywhere - and it’s guaranteed on Corviglia.

Pumptrack and Skills-Park

Beginners, ambitious contenders, and old pros will find rolling riding pleasure on the pump tracks and in the skills parks of the region.


E-bikes are becoming more and more popular. Especially in the vast Engadin, the advantages of electric bikes are numerous: more fun in a group, generous laps in the evening, long discovery tours during the day, and more time to discover the diverse valley.

Energy bench

In the Upper Engadin, nearly two dozen energy benches are available for visitors and locals to use at various locations.  These seating accommodations offer additional functions for bikers and hikers.

Gravel bike

About ten years ago, the trend of gravel biking emerged in the USA. Instead of just biking on boring paved roads, cycling fans opted for more adventure and turned to the numerous gravel roads in the countryside. Of course, a suitable bike was needed for this since the unpaved roads can be difficult for conventional road bikes to manage.


What a journey! - it crosses borders and connects people and countries. Those who have done it before know the passion of traveling by bike. Covering a distance over several days by bike is a way of traveling that makes you all the more happy. You demand something of yourself, experience the surroundings more intensively, and pass places that would otherwise have remained largely undiscovered.

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