Winter walking & snowshoeing

Winter hiking tips

Across the frozen lakes, with a view of them from Muottas Muragl, through snow-covered forests into one of the side valleys, or along the Inn between Bever and S-chanf - in the Engadin you will find many varied winter hiking routes.

Winter hiking map

When there is a crackle under the soles of your shoes with every step you take, when you can see the air you exhale, and when the low temperatures awaken all your spirits - then it's winter. And in the Engadin, winter is long and offers the perfect conditions for those who love to explore the wintry landscape on foot.

Snowshoe tips

If you really want to make your own way through the snow, grab a pair of snowshoes and enjoy a completely different experience than winter hiking on groomed trails.


Paths suitable for prams

Winter hiking with a pram is awkward or boring because of the simple route? We think there is another way and have put together a variety of hiking tips for families that are easy to do with a pram.
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This list informs you about the tours that can be undertaken with an all-terrain pram.

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